Blu-Ray Releases for November 3, 2015

roar 1981 blu-rayROAR (1981) — Roar featured over 150 animals on set, most of them were lions — what could possibly go wrong?  Over 70 cast and crew members were injured, a flood killed many lions and wrecked the set and at release Roar was considered the most dangerous and disaster plagued production of all time.  Filming took 11 years and its initial $3 million budget ballooned into $17 million which was financed by husband and wife Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall.  After this oddity was finally completed it was barely released and grossed a mere $2 million worldwide and disappeared into obscurity until Drafthouse Films unearthed this relic.  Roar saw a limited re-release in 2015 where its curiosity factor only mustered up $110,048 worth of tickets sold.  Tippi Hedren released a book in 1986 about her experience during the production called The Cats of Shambala.