Blu-Ray Releases for October 27, 2015

blue city blu-rayBLUE CITY (1986) — Paramount financed Blue City for an estimated $10 million, which at the time had its young, hip talents go into production, with actors Judd Nelson, 25, Ally Sheedy, 22, and director Michelle Manning, 25 with her debut film (and only film after this fiasco).  Fresh off of The Breakfast Club, the two actors were slammed by critics for their terrible chemistry and performances and the film received a hateful critic response and audiences gave Blue City a toxic C Cinemascore.  Paramount opened the film in 1,050 theaters to a soft $2,748,096 and Blue City was very quickly pulled from release with just $6,947,787.  Director Michelle Manning never directed another film, but soon became the president of production at Paramount.


partners 1982 blu-rayPARTNERS (1982) — Paramount financed this Ryan O’Neal and John Hurt buddy comedy for $6 million, which got blasted for its broad stereotypes of gays and just general stupidity.  Paramount opened Partners in 877 theaters, where it came in #3 for the weekend with $2,318,801 when Porky’s led the box office in its 7th weekend in release.  Partners fizzled out of release with a soft $6,062,898.


meteor man blu-rayTHE METEOR MAN (1993) — The French bank Credit Lyonnais, which owned 98.5% of MGM, financed The Meteor Man for $30m and in a 3rd quarter financial report in 1993, wrote off their entire cost for the expensive commercial disaster.  The troubled MGM opened The Meteor Man in 1,060 theaters the same weekend as The Fugitive opened and it was lost at the box office — placing #9 for the weekend with an awful $2,643,091.  The film dropped 48.2% in its second frame to $1,370,015 and was quickly pulled from release with just $8,016,708 and was dumped straight to video overseas.