Blu-Ray Releases for September 1, 2015

The D Train Blu-RayTHE D TRAIN (2015) — The D Train was originally going to be financed by a company in the UK and during pre-production the money never arrived and Sony Worldwide stepped in to finance the film to prevent The D Train from collapsing.  Sony put up the funds with the intention of selling the film off at festivals and they sold it at Sundance for $3m to IFC with a small P&A commitment that guaranteed a theatrical release.  After acquiring the film, IFC said they would slowly roll the film out nationwide, but instead of a platform release, they opened The D Train in 1,009 theaters where it came in #19 for the weekend with a disastrous $447,661 and an atrocious $444 per screen average for the weekend.  The film was promptly pulled out of all, but 162 theaters going into its second weekend and grossed $15,790 with a $97 per screen average and was completely out of release at the end of its second week with only $669,688.  IFC retains VOD rights and cable sales, which most likely will still leave their acquisition and modest marketing costs in the red.  Paramount will distribute DVD/Blu-Ray and digital downloads.  Sony’s Columbia Pictures has the film scheduled to open in the UK and Germany in mid September – more after the film completes its run.