Budget: $34m Financed by: David Sadek
Domestic Gross: $6,881,022 Domestic Distributor: Chicago Pictures
Overseas Gross: $1,386,357

redlineDaniel Sadek financed the $34m film himself with his earnings from his scummy subprime mortgage company Quick Loan Funding and also paid for Redline’s marketing expenses.  It is estimated Sadek put around $55m into the production and release of this turkey, through a distribution company he created called Chicago Pictures.  Co-written by Sadek and featuring his large collection of rare and expensive cars, this vanity project was also written for his girlfriend Nadia Björlin who was stuck in soap opera hell.  Sadek opened the film in 1,607 theaters to a poor $4,672,333 and the critically destroyed film sank 65.2% in its second weekend to $1,625,103 and quickly closed with $6,881,022 at the US box office.  Large theater chains typically pay out less than the usual 55% the major studios command (Regal Cinema pays out 34% to independent distributors), so Sadek saw back less than $2.5m.  Overseas, the film was picked up in a handful of territories and grossed $1.3m across a few distributors and went straight to video in France and Germany.  Sadek’s subprime mortgage company would soon go bust and the man would go bankrupt, but not before being named ‘Predator Zero in the subprime-mortgage game.’