Seeking Justice

Budget: $30 million Financed by: Endgame Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $411,746 Domestic Distributor: Anchor Bay
Overseas Gross: $11,944,052
Directed by: Roger Donaldson
Nicolas Cage
Produced by: Tobey Maguire

seeking justice box officeNicolas Cage tax recovery project #250.  Endgame Entertainment financed what was originally titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps from a well liked script that was on the black list and was going to be a staring vehicle for Tobey Maguire.  Maguire ended up producing what would be released as the generic sounding Seeking Justice, which was poorly received and featured Nic Cage on autopilot.  With a budget of $30 million, Seeking Justice was sold by FilmNation at the American Film Market to overseas distributors, which sold well based on the commercial appeal of the premise, the cast and the director and distributors were not deterred that the film did not yet have a US distributor.  The film was released in a handful of major markets in late 2011, while Endgame was still having trouble securing a domestic distributor and Paramount distributed in the UK where it flopped with $948,244 and numbers in Italy were equally poor at $967,184.  A few weeks after Seeking Justice did poor box office business in those few markets, all the majors passed on domestic distribution and Endgame sold the pic to Anchor Bay, which has little muscle when it comes to theatrical releases.  Cage’s bankable star wattage had taken a nosedive from duds like Trespass, Drive Angry, Bangkok Dangerous and the overseas gross was just $11,944,052 across many distributors and Seeking Justice was sent straight to video in Germany.  In March 2012, Anchor Bay opened the movie with little awareness at 231 locations and it grossed a terrible $249,912 with a $1,082 per screen average.  The film was removed from all but 74 theaters in its second weekend and took in $32,064 and was out of release after its third week with $411,746.  Six months later, Cage’s film Stolen was also given a similar limited release.