One For The Money

Budget: $40 million Financed by: Lakeshore Entertainment; Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $26,414,527 Domestic Distributor: Lionsgate
Overseas Gross: $10,479,194
Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson
Katherine Heigl
Produced by: Sidney Kimmel

one for the money box officeOne For The Money was co-financed by Lakeshore Entertainment and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment for $40 million and this was to kickstart a franchise based on a series of books with the dimming star wattage of Katherine Heigl.  US rights were picked up by Lionsgate and the company purchased rival mini-studio Summit a few weeks prior to One for the Money’s opening and it opened against Summit’s Man On A Ledge, as it was too late to change either picture’s release date.  Both films were tracking poorly and Lionsgate scheduled a buy one get one free Groupon package to entice auds.  Man On A Ledge went through online reseller Livingsocial.  One For the Money managed $11,515,790, bringing the film above its modest expectations opening weekend — placing #3 for the weekend led by They Grey and Underworld Awakening.  Hoping the Groupon stunt would spread word of mouth like it did with Lionsgate’s previous test run for The Lincoln Lawyer, the film dropped a steep 54.8% to $5,206,279 in its second weekend and quickly burned out with $26,414,527.  Lionsgate would see back about $14.5 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving a sizable portion of the marketing spend and their acquisition cost in the red.  Overseas, the film pulled in awful numbers in every market, which accumulated $10.4 million across numerous distributors.  One For The Money was dumped straight to video in Italy and its terrible box office killed off this would be franchise and Katherine Heigl has not had another studio vehicle.