Budget: $60m Financed by: Dreamworks
Domestic Gross: $26,483,452 Domestic Distributor: Dreamworks
Overseas Gross: $54,284,432

Sinbad legend of the seven seasDreamworks financed Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas for $60m and incurred a colossal $125m loss on the animated film after a massive worldwide marketing spend.  Dreamworks opened Sinbad in the US over the July 4th holiday frame, where it placed #6 for the weekend with $6,874,477 coming in miles behind Terminator 3, Legally Blond 2 and even Finding Nemo in its 6th weekend of release.  The film saw a modest 37.3% second weekend decline to $4,310,834 but tumbled 56.2% in its third weekend to $1,890,171 and quickly bombed out of theaters with $26,483,452.  UIP (joint distribution between Universal and Paramount) put Sinbad out overseas to mostly soft numbers.  France posted the highest gross with $7.9m and the total was only $54,284,432 — not nearly enough to lift the film’s dreary domestic take.  Dreamworks Animation abandoned traditional 2D animation after Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas posted the huge loss.