Budget: $22m Financed by: Isle of Man Film; Odyssey Entertainment; First Choice
Domestic Gross: $4,835,065 Domestic Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Overseas Gross: $6,016,999

the libertineThe Libertine almost collapsed when two weeks before production the UK government outlawed certain tax financing funds, which was the majority backer of the $22m Johnny Depp vehicle.  Isle of Man Film covered 25% of the budget and saved the financing from falling apart and the outlawed fund First Choice was able to keep its original, partial investment in the picture, before its equity line was banned.  Odyssey Entertainment rounded out the rest of the production coin and handled worldwide sales.  The Libertine was screened as a work in progress at the Toronto Film Festival and the overall reaction from audiences and buyers was negative and the film was re-edited and re-scored and was screened at Cannes the following year.  The Weinstein Company picked up The Libertine for US release and opened the film Nov 25 in 2 theaters for a brief Oscar qualifying run and played the film in its original NC-17 rating that the MPAA inexplicably slapped the film with.  The film was trimmed for a R rating and released moderately  wide in 815 theaters in March 2006 where it pulled in a mediocre $2,202,799.  The Libertine had weak legs and declined 60% the following weekend to $881,076 and quietly left theaters with $4,835,065.  Entertainment distributed the film in the UK and opened it in 203 theaters to a weak $477,261 and its second weekend fell 62.7% to $178,049 and left theaters after its third week with only $1,109,945.  Roadshow distributed and dumped the film in Australia in 41 theaters to a total of $177,137and The Libertine tanked in France with $298,009.  The overseas total was $6,016,999 and it went straight to video in Germany.