Men, Women & Children

Budget: $16 million Financed by: Indian Paintbrush; Paramount
Domestic Gross: $705,908 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $1,534,627
Directed by: Jason Reitman
Adam Sandler
Jennifer Garner
Produced by: Michael Beugg

Men, Women & Children box officeWhen Oscar bait goes bad.  Paramount slated Men, Women & Children for an awards qualifying release with an early October limited run, followed by a wide release.  The decision to premier Men, Women & Children at the Toronto International Film Festival killed off its early buzz with terrible reviews.  The $16 million budget was financed by Indian Paintbrush and Paramount and the marketing spend was small, but television ads certainly just added to the red ink.  Poor reviews helped put the pic in a commercial dead zone, appealing to neither the art house crowd nor the multiplex crowd and Paramount opened the film on Oct 3 in 17 theaters with a wide release planned two weeks later.  Men, Women & Children pulled in a poor $2,825 per screen average for a $48,024 weekend.  Expanding to 601 empty theaters on Oct 17, the film grossed an embarrassing $306,367 with a $504 per screen average for the weekend.  That breaks down to an average of $168 per day or about $33 per showing.  The film ended its run with a domestic gross of $705,908 and Paramount would see back less than $400k after theaters take their percentage of the gross, far below its modest prints and ad spend.  Paramount rolled Men, Women & Children out theatrically in a few overseas markets, where it pulled in a mere $1.5 million.  This was the second Jason Reitman directed misfire in 2014, after Labor Day earlier in the year.