Budget: $20m Financed by: Endgame
Domestic Gross: $3,531,756 Domestic Distributor: Summit
Overseas Gross: $1,999,008

brothers_bloomEndgame financed the $20m The Brothers Bloom, with The Weinstein Company handling foreign pre-sales and Summit picked up US distribution rights.  Summit opened the film in 4 theaters to $90,400 and a solid $22,600 per screen average.  The film only expanded to 209 screens at its widest release and closed its US run with $3,531,756.  Two years later Endgame would begin a prints and advertising equity line for their films to have more control over its releases, which started with The Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson’s next film Looper.  Overseas the film had a small release, grossing just $2m across numerous distributors and went straight to video in Spain.

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