Budget: $66m Financed by: Omnilab; Inferno
Domestic Gross: $25,124,966 Domestic Distributor: Open Road
Overseas Gross: $40,284,060

killer_eliteOmnilab and Inferno financed Killer Elite for $66 million, with that budget number going haywire around release, ranging from as low as $29m to over $70m.  Newly formed distributor Open Road Films, owned by theater chains AMC and Regal acquired theatrical US rights with a $25m prints and advertising commitment, with Killer Elite being their first film.  Universal would distribute on home video.   Open Road opened Killer Elite in 2,986 theaters to a weak $9,352,008 and it declined 47.4% in its second weekend to $4,916,839 and dropped 55.2% in its third frame to $2,201,362.  The film grossed just $25,124,966 in the US and while the distributor would see the entire ticket price for the film playing in their theaters, the film also played in other chains, so the new distributor probably broke even after their home video output deal with Universal.  Overseas the film took in $40m, doing mediocre to poor business in every territory, likely breaking even in territories as a best case scenario and leaving a sizable portion of the ever changing budget in the red for Omnilab and Inferno.

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