Budget: $12.6m Financed by: Fox Searchlight; Gary Gilbert
Domestic Gross: $46,495 Domestic Distributor: Fox Searchlight
Overseas Gross: $500,000 (estimated)

margaretFilm financier Gary Gilbert split the $12.6m production costs of Margaret with Fox Searchlight and the shoot completed without incident, but the post production of Margaret is a lengthy and miserable one that ended in litigation and the film being released six years after it was filmed.  When funds dried up during the editing process, director Kenneth Lonergan took a $1m loan from actor Matthew Broderick to continue editing.  Lonergan eventually completed a director’s cut, even after Martin Scorsese edited a version, which Gilbert rejected as incoherent and refused to pay Fox Searchlight half of the budget.  Fox sues Gilbert, Gilbert sues Lonergan and the film suffers all the more because of it.  Fox barely sunk a penny into marketing the film and it opened in 2 theaters to no hype and very little awareness, grossing just $7,525.  Margaret closed its small run with $46,495 and never expanded beyond 14 theaters.  It was released in 6 territories to about $500k, pulling in $354k of that from Australia.

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