Budget: $10m Financed by: Sony
Domestic Gross: $2,529,395 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $999

bucky_larson_born_to_be_a_star_xlgOpening the same weekend as Creature, which stole Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star’s thunder by posting record breaking low box office numbers, Sony backed this $10m disaster and saw it open to some of the worst numbers by a major studio.  Costing about $15m to market, with TV ads that were audience repellent featuring one of Adam Sandler’s regulars shouting nonsense about the film to the audience, helped this open to a disastrous $1,415,023 in 1,500 theaters.  It dropped 72.1% in its second weekend to $395,254 and quickly closed with just $2,529,395 leaving Sony with about $1.4m after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  Knowing they have a turkey on their hands, Sony dumped the film straight to video in every market, except releasing the film in 1 theater in Sweden to all of $999.  The trailers and marketing material should be studied as what not to do.

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